4905 Spring 16 Mar 7 Readings

The readings beginning with Monday, March 7 are the 3 papers from the reading list on Overlapping Generations. Samuelson’s JPE article is the classic. The Shell JPE article is the follow-up to Samuelson. The Shell-Smith survey is a good non-technical introduction to OG models for monetary economies. There are others.

The OG readings will not be tested on the Monday, March 19, Prelim #1.

  • Karl Shell, “Notes on the Economics of Infinity,” Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 79(5), (September/October 1971) 1002-1011 Appears in Spanish as “Notas sobre las economias del infinite” (translation by M. Santos), Cuadernos Economics de I.C.E., Vol. (1), (1987) 31-39