Price Indexes

Price Indexes

In their our first book (1972), Frank Fisher and I provided an extension of the cost-of-living theory to include taste and quality change. Our 1972 book also provides a theory for the GDP-deflator, which turns out to be isomorphic to the Könus cost-of-living theory.

In our second book, Frank Fisher and I (1998) provide a new and path-breaking approach to production price indexes. Only in the simplest cases is their theory isomorphic to Könus theory. In general, the analysis depends on the point of view (the firm, the industry, the sector, or the economy) and on the prevailing form of industrial organization.

It remains to re-evaluate consumer price indexes form the viewpoint of our 1998 book. There must be implications of the Fisher-Shell theory for the construction of consumer commodity subindexes, group indexes (north versus south, poor versus rich, etc.), demographic indexes (old versus young), etc.


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