Fall 2016 Student Presentations

Student Presentations

October 12, 2016: Joey Khoury and Alexander Lin, “How to Make Money; Building Your Own Portfolio” (PowerPoint)

October 19, 2016: Fulian Pan, “Bubbles and the South Sea Company”

October 24, 2016: Matthew Gilbaugh and Isabel Wise, “A History of the US Federal Banking System”

October 26, 2016: Shaun Michael Hobson, “The Effects of the Financial Crisis on Sub-Saharan Africa”

October 26, 2016: Jason Kirsten, “Optionality; Puts and Calls”

October 31, 2016: Nicolò Carnevale, “Baumol’s Transactions Demand for Cash”

October 31, 2016: Michael Graboyes, “The Eurozone”

November 2, 2016: Amanda Goldman, “Introduction to Yield Curves”

November 2, 2016: Daniel Ghidiu, “Financial Integration and Liquidity Crises”

November 7, 2016: Regina Chen, “Brexit: The History of the European Union and the Economic Implications of Withdrawal”

November 9, 2016: Isaac Greenwood and Yoni Krakow, “Understanding the 2007-08 Financial Crisis”

November 14, 2016: Ludovico Genovese and Alessandro Pistoni, “Could making banks hold only liquid assets induce bank runs?” (PowerPoint)

November 28, 2016: Kelly Jiang, “Market Efficiency and Robert Shiller’s Irrational Exuberance”

November 28, 2016: David Taylor, “Pensions and Social Security”

November 30, 2016: Muqing Ye, “The Derivative Market”

November 30, 2016: Yoni Krakow and Isaac Greenwood, “A Brief Overview of the International Monetary Fund” (Extra Credit)